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I’m Akin, founder / tutor of GreenCapsule HK.

My hobbies are planting & studying the universe.

I started my brand in 2014 driven by my love of the universe & nature.

When I was learning how to plant, I realized that sharing & teaching is the best way to learn, to improve my skills, even myself. So I decided to share my skills and knowledge through planting workshops.

I also earned the certification of Basic Horticultural Therapy

which I hope to apply those therapies into my workshops and induce my students to enjoy a moment of peacefulness while in their stressful lives.

In my sessions, I want them to slow down their pace and learn to admire our great nature.


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Corporate Workshop & Event

We are experienced in the following events –

Corporate Team Building, VIP Events, Family Parties, Online Workshops and many more.

Those activities that will help you stay connected and engaged with your people and explore new things with them.

Both formal and informal events ― all arranged in the venues of your choice

Besides immense learning, fun, and excitement, they can bring their own nature back to their home and live with the works that they created during the workshop.

You can rely on us completely because we boast our experiences.

We uplift the spirits of the people you care about and help you boost their morale.

If you want to have fun and learn at the same time, we are just a call away!

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