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Online Planting Workshop


GreenCapsule HK


Available on :


About the Workshop

Excellent for both Business or In-person :

Team Building, Gathering Party, Personal Interest, etc,..

You don’t need handy-hands or fancy tools to create your own plant in your home.

With GreenCapsule HK’s accessible, friendly workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Grow your own plant!

  • Develop the perfect watering schedule for your plants

  • Nurture decorative houseplants to keep your home garden lush

  • Put together your own plant / decorations


Whether you’re constantly (accidentally) killing your plants or have a pretty good track record and want to try something a little more challenging, GreenCapsule HK’s workshop is the perfect one to help you build your own plants.

This workshop is built for newcomers to folks who have experienced or challenges keeping plants alive, but all are welcome to join and explore with us. 



Just sit tight and let us do the rest:

  1. ​Chose the workshop you wanna join

  2. Make an order / appointment.

  3. Materials pack & ship 

  4. Get the materials and ready to play!


Meet your tutor


I’m Akin, founder / tutor of GreenCapsule HK.

I am experienced in the following events –

Corporate Team Building, VIP Events, Family Parties, Online Workshops since 2014.

I also earned the certification of

Basic Horticultural Therapy​ 

which I hope to apply those therapies into my workshops and induce my students to enjoy a moment of peacefulness and have a joyful lives.

kokedama workshop 苔玉工作坊
© It Would NOT Work :)



Mould the soils ,add a plant and wrap the moss upon it to form a Japanese style Bonsai-Kokedama. A nature ecosystem will be built to make a Bonsai growth easier and stylish.

Participant Scale Suggested : within 20pax / session

文竹苔玉 kokedama workshop
anti-gravity kokedama workshop 反重力苔玉工作坊
© It Would NOT Work :)



Mould the kokedama into right size, plus a tiny figure, to form a miniature planet. An anti-gravity ecosystem will be form upon setting the moulded kokedama in the test tube.

Participant Scale Suggested : within 20pax / session

反重力苔玉 anti-gravity kokedama
bulb capsule workshop 苔燈泡工作坊
© It Would NOT Work :)

Bulb Capsule


Enjoying the episode of nature in light bulb! Creating scene with Moss and different micro modelistic material and downscaling the nature in light bulb.

Participant Scale Suggested : within 20pax / session

苔燈泡 bulb capsule workshop

Moss Terrarium


Creating scene with Moss and different micro modelistic material. Downscaling the nature in a crystal clear container and bring it to your home!

Participant Scale Suggested : within 20pax / session

© It Would NOT Work :)
Zen Garden 枯山水
© It Would NOT Work :)

Zen Garden


The miniature landscape design formed in Japanese temples.

Using stone and sand to depict ‘mountain, ‘river’, ‘sea’ and even the 'universe'.

You can feel the peace in mind through the process of layering and drawing sand patterns, and create a simple yet well-design space.

Also understand the concepts of ‘emptiness’ and ‘nothingness’ in Zen culture. Add peaceful atmosphere to your home with the décor.

Participant Scale Suggested : within 20pax / session

Zen Garden 枯山水


If you want workshop face-to-face ?

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