Akadama is a Japanese clay granulate with some very good properties for our bonsai. It is sometimes used on it’s own, but mostly in soil mixtures.
(The 2 and 4 litre containers are filled freshly from the original 10 litre container.) 

Japanese Hard Ibaraki Akadama for Bonsai / Succulent Soil
- One of the best component for bonsai soil mixes.
- Often combined with Hyuga, Kanuma, Kiryu, sand, lava, or composted bark.
- Its natural porous allowing for absorption of water and nutrients.
- Improves soil drainage and aeration, oxygen is essential for roots development.
- Akadama color darkens when moist which helps set water schedules.

By using Akadama the bonsai will stand securely to very securely in the pot.

Akadama is very air permeable.Optimum drainage features, therefore no root rot due to water logging. However, it may often need watering.

Good buffering against pH-value fluctuations in the ground.

When it dries out, it becomes lighter which shows that it needs watering again.

Akadama hard holds its shape well

This product contains a small amount of debris, is a normal phenomenon, since the transport process can not avoid friction, pressure and other circumstances lead to some of the powder situation.
Thank you for your understanding

Particles are approximately from 2 mm - 3 mm

approx. 14 L / 19 Lbs

- We ship in original imported Japanese bag.
- This shipment cost cannot be combined with other items.

Japanese Ibaraki Akadama [Hard] for Bonsai / Succulent Soil (赤玉土)-14L

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