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We believe that you can have a moment of peace during in our planting workshop.
Planting with a positive frequency to keep your mind and soul harmony.

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Kokedama (Moss Ball) Workshop


Kokedama (Moss Ball)​​ Workshop
Mould the soils ,add a plant and wrap the moss to form a  Japanese style Bonsai---Kokedama. A nature ecosystem will be built to make a plant growth easier also stylish.

Anti-Gravity Kokedama Workshop

Anti-Gravity kokedama 反重力苔王

Anti-Gravity Kokedama Workshop

Forming an “anti-gravity-like” miniature planet with tiny figures. An ecosystem will be created upon setting the kokedama into the test tube.

Zen Garden Workshop

Zen Garden.jpg

Zen Garden Workshop

A garden landscape design found in Japanese temples.

Using rocks, marbles, moss, sand to depict

the mountains, islands, rivers and even the universe.

Feel the peace in mind through the process of layering and drawing sand patterns.

Understand the concepts of ‘emptiness’ and ‘nothingness’ in Zen culture while adding a peaceful atmosphere to your home with the décor.

Platycerium Mounting Workshop

Platycerium Mounting​​ Workshop

Learn how to mount your very own Platycerium onto a wood board! These unique, epiphytic ferns that are known for their antler-like foliage look gorgeous growing vertically on an indoor or outdoor wall. We'll share how to successfully mount and care for your beautiful Platycerium.

Bulb Capsule Workshop

bulb capsule workshop 苔燈泡工作坊

Bulb Capsule​​ Workshop

Enjoying the episole of nature in light bulb! Creating scene with Moss and different micro modelistic material and downscaling the nature in light bulb.

Moss Bonsai Workshop


Moss Bonsai Workshop

Creating scene with Moss and different micro modelistic material.  Downscaling the nature in a crystal clear container and  bring it to your home!

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