[Ep-02]苔蘚養護要點 The Facts of How To Keep Moss Green

  • 苔蘚用葉片呼吸和吸收水份,所以要以噴水的方式讓它吸收水份。

  • 擺放環境的溫/濕度會影響噴水次數/密度,變淺綠色時一定要噴水 。因為苔蘚乾燥時會變成淺綠色進入休眠狀態保存水份,只要噴水就會變回鮮綠色。

  • 少少微弱陽光就足夠,不要猛烈太陽曝曬。最佳生長溫度在15℃~25℃之間,生存溫度在0℃~40℃之間。

  • 環境要通風,不要正對著冷氣風位。

  • 養護得當可以存活幾年或以上。

  • Respiration of mosses takes place inside their tiny leaves. For this reason, water-spraying on the leaves is applied instead of direct watering to the root.

  • The frequency of water-spraying for the mosses depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment where the plant is placed. Watering is needed when the color of the mosses changes from rich green to light green. At this stage, the mosses are in dormant state to avoid loss of water. Rich green can be observed once adequate water is supplied to the mosses.

  • Avoid exposure under vigorous sunlight. semi sun light would be enough. Although they can survive in between 0℃~40℃, 15℃~25℃ is the best temperature for them.

  • Put the mosses in an environment with good ventilation. Avoid direct contact with the air of the AC.

  • The mosses can be kept for a couple of years or more under good care.

Moss Terrarium under sunlight


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